SAVI - Science Across Virtual Institutes

Formally launched in January, 2013, the Finland-USA Science Across Virtual Institutes (SAVI) collaboration connects sixteen research groups in Finland and the US in an effort carry out significant advances in education and the learning sciences. These groups have formed eight team pairs, each representing both nations. Each team has different research objectives and goals, but all of the teams share a vision to foster deep and immersive engagement in learners and learner communities.

The SAVI’s intellectual core can be defined in terms of the diverse ways that learner engagement is marshalled, understood, theoretically specified, and tested.  (NSF currently supports several SAVI efforts internationally; SAVI represents a novel mechanism for research investment that leverages existing and new collaborations that converge on common lines of inquiry – in this case, the questions of deep learner engagement.)

Investigators from both countries met at a workshop at the Finnish Embassy in Washington DC, in June 2012, under the aegis of the US National Science Foundation, Tekes, the Finnish Agency for Technology and Innovation, and the Academy of Finland.  The workshop arose from collaborations led primarily by Roy Pea of Stanford University and Hannele Niemi of Helsinki University.  The three federal funding bodies agreed to consider proposals for collaboration, in accordance with the practices that they each represent.

In addition to the underlying research and development in learning innovations that the projects will share, the SAVI features opportunities for early career researchers and teacher researchers to visit partner sites in Finland and the US and a series of webinars and short courses of interest to researchers, practitioners, and policy-makers.