Global Cyber Tools for Improving Young Learners’ Reading Comprehension, Scientific Discourse and STEM Learning

Boulder Learning Technologies, Southern Methodist University, University of Jyväskylä, Pepperdine University

This collaboration takes advantage of a striking complementarity between the successfully piloted My Science Tutor (MyST) Project carried out by Boulder Language Technologies (BLT) and the successful and more widely-used Graphogame (GG) project based in Finland under Dr. Lyytinen’s direction at University of Jyväskylä.

The project takes the Graphogame pedagogy for learning foundational word reading skills, and embeds these skills in learning experiences that lead to fluent reading of science texts with deep comprehension using MyST technology.  The collaboration will develop and explore English and Spanish versions of Graphogame. 

Also, it will develop BLT’s MindStars Science Books, featuring an empathic and lifelike avatar, adapting Graphogame features to facilitate vocabulary acquisition, oral reading fluency and comprehension strategies that can lead to deep understanding of science by all students, including English learners and struggling readers.  The two research groups share a series of research questions that focus on specific questions of literacy and language development, along with broader questions about sustaining the engagement of young learners who use the MyST, Graphogame, and MindStars technologies.