Video Inquiry Project: STEM Learning and Teaching with Mobile Video Inquiries and Communities

Stanford University, Helsinki University, University of Lapland, Pepperdine University

Learning “how to see” scientific and mathematical aspects of real world phenomena and raise meaningful questions that foster engagement in inquiries is a key education problem.

Working with teachers by employing design-based research methodology, we will establish a web-based community platform for uploading short-form STEM-related videos and associated inquiry questions developed by participating learners and teachers, and develop scaffolding and social media functions for making reflective connections from these video resources to curriculum topics and classroom activities.

The project will make contributions of innovative tools and research findings for supporting new pedagogical models that simultaneously foster learners’ and teachers’ interests in and joint attention to the power of science and mathematics in explaining phenomena ‘in the everyday world’.

The research builds on prior NSF-funded work at Stanford University’s H- STAR Institute on digital video tools for education and research, and ongoing cooperations with CICERO Learning network, coordinated by the University of Helsinki.

The immense quantity of video resulting from digital videocameras everywhere is making video ubiquitous as a cultural medium and in principle, as a scientific medium for STEM educational purposes. Our Mobile Video STEM Inquiries project will conduct design-based research and development to establish a broadly scaleable approach for students and teachers to capture standard and panoramic videorecordings of events and phenomena that spark questions for them that can serve as seeds for inquiries in the STEM disciplines.